Untitled 1.jpgWhy should you consider hypnosis for childbirth?

A hypnosis session should be a lovely experience.  It is a bit like a massage for your mind.  I make direct suggestions to you, using your name to enable you to relax, encourage you to revisit a memory of a place you feel safe and secure.  I use breathing techniques (generally based on your own breathing rhythm) to deepen your relaxation and once you are as relaxed as I can get you, I teach you self-hypnosis.  The reason I teach self-hypnosis when you are actually in a deep state of relaxation, is so that you have a sense memory of how your body feels when it is that relaxed; you then have something to aim for, something to recreate.  Each time you listen to the recording of your session, you reinforce that message, you practice self hypnosis again, so that when you need it, either to combat anxiety or sleeplessness or perhaps during your labour, you are very familiar with the technique and can use it to gain the best end results.  Self hypnosis is a tool you can use for life, immediately to combat the tiredness as a new mother, you can choose to relax and fall asleep when your baby sleeps, but for any time in the future when you feel anxious or sleepless.

Samuel now.jpgI normalize any specific responses your body has to being pregnant.  Some women suffer from terrible pregnancy sickness, heartburn, aches in their bones, joints or pelvis, some experience such vivid dreams they find them disturbing.  Some women become incredibly sensitive to smell, sound or emotions evoked around them.  Some women cry constantly at the slightest provocation.  By letting your subconscious know that everybody has a set of perfectly normal, physical and emotional responses to pregnancy, hypnosis can alleviate the stress of these unusual events.

Using self-hypnosis in childbirth is a wonderful tool.