Other Uses for Hypnosis:

I have clients who use hypnosis for things other than labour and birth: body image, adjusting to being a mother, sleeping issues.  I also have clients who wish to break habits such as smoking, finger nail biting or to install healthy eating or a better attitude towards exercise.  Hypnosis is also very useful in dealing with phobias.  All these things you may inadvertently pass to your children, so frequently once you have had a baby you start to see these charming "foibles" in a slightly different way.  I am very happy to discuss any of these issues with you.

Client Feedback:  

"Dear Lucy,

You asked me to let you know how I got on with the positive sleep hypnosis session you prepared for me. I am really happy to say that it is going very well. The first night was a big disappointment because I got everything ready, woke up at 4 am as usual - and then the CD player wouldn't work. The next night I was much better prepared with the session transferred to my MP3 player. I used it successfully and have done so every night since except one. Two nights ago I slept right through for 10 1/2 hours - a *very* rare occurrence. I think I would have slept right through last night as well except for a small person's nightmare at 3 am. I thought I wouldn't get back to sleep and didn't feel so settled while listening to the recording, but sure enough I fell asleep again afterwards.

I am delighted with the results! Already I feel much more focussed and I don't feel like I am about to collapse any more at 5 pm. I still feel tired but much less so and after another week of good sleeping I think I will feel very well.

Thank you very much for this; it is just the right thing. I am sure that soon I am not going to need the recording, but it is very reassuring to know I have it if ever I need some help. I am going to visit my parents and I'm going to use the recording on the plane. I am sure it will help me to get some rest on the flight."


"Hello Lucy

I was passing your details onto a friend and thought I'd drop you a note of thanks at the same time.

I'm sure you won't remember but you hypnotised me 8 years ago to stop smoking and I've never looked back.  It's been amazing - where my friends have tried various other ways to stop smoking and failed I haven't given it a second thought.  Thank you so much!