19112007Clare007%20low%20res.jpgI meet you only once. I work directly with a mother to be and not with her partner, which empowers her to be self-contained during labour. I use a questionnaire to enable me to write a script specifically for that mother-to-be, allowing us to keep our session pertinent and appropriate to you, incorporating all your hopes and dispelling your fears.  This means that I can work quickly, usually within a single session, lasting approximately an hour.  I make you a recording of your bespoke session so that you can use it as often as you choose, each time you listen to it you reinforce all the positive belief you have about your ability to labour and birth your baby and be a good mother.

photo copyright Annie Armitage

I do not need you to commit to make several visits, or take up whole weekends with your partner covering possibilities that may have no relevance to you.  I can offer this personalized service at a reasonable rate and you can reap the benefits of hypnosis during your labour and birth without re-mortgaging your home. Should you choose to include your partner, they can still assist you during labour (mostly by dealing with all medical personnel you come into contact with enabling you to get on with your labour), but they are not intrinsically connected to your ability to relax during your labour.