I give you confidence in your ability to make decisions for you and your baby. If you do choose pain relief, an intervention or an induction for the safety of your baby or yourself, I will give you the suggestion that you can always trust that you have made the best decision given all the information that you had at the time.  There is no place for self-doubt or should haves in labour, birth and motherhood.  We all make mistakes as a parent, it is a question of how quickly we acknowledge them, what we do to rectify the mistake and how we learn from the situation not to repeat it.   

samuel yawning.jpgMotherhood can also be a time for great self-doubt.  I prepare you to face your well meaning neighbours and relations who offer you their opinion and advice about the way you bring up your baby, with an ability to listen to all that they say without responding emotionally.  Occasionally, someone will say something intelligent that you may wish to incorporate, but if they don’t, you can choose to just dismiss them without feeling any sort of impulse to defend your own decision about your baby.  To breastfeed or not to breastfeed?  To innoculate or not?  To go back to work?  Childminder or nanny?  State school or private?  All these questions will need to be answered in a calm and rational way with absolute conviction that you have made the right decision at the time given the information you had.

"Thank you Lucy, it was truly inspirational to meet you - I came such a
long way in that short time I spent with you and haven't looked back
since. Through the information you provided I feel so much more
empowered to have a positive birthing experience." Louise