jasmine cut to fit.jpgI encourage you to embrace the possibility of letting your body do what is perfectly natural for most women. 

Statistically,  85% of women need no assistance at all during labour to birth a healthy baby.  If you incorporate this fact in your underlying belief about your own abilities then you can approach labour and birth in a very empowered and confident way.  The average person has 640,000 thoughts a day, an astonishing fact.

What is even more astonishing is that 95% of the thoughts you had yesterday you will have again tomorrow and again the day after that.  If your underlying beliefs are of self doubt or concern that you will be unable to give birth to your baby or beyond birth, be a good mother, then you are approaching labour and birth with a very negative mindset.  Why not change those underlying beliefs and be confident and self-assured from now on as you prepare to embrace motherhood?